Sunday, September 21, 2014

The birth of iphone 6

One thousand euro iphone 6 starts selling !!!


Good News:iPhone 6 what the Apple phone fans pay much importance to finally appeared on the new product launches which was held by Apple in the United States on September 9 .
4.7 inches iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches of iPhone 6 plus is introducted at this time.what's more,more than 30 kinds of apples smart watches are  presented among the world. In addition,Apple also released a new payment method——mobile payment,instead of the tranditional credit card or wallet!
Vphone doesn't to be outdone,at the same time,he also introduces a new iPhone clone named Vphone i6.For only $165.99 which price is only one tenth of iPhone 6!4.7 inch ——the optimum size which is the same as iPhone 6,moderate size,metallic appearance,almost 1:1 clones to iPhone 6!The hunger sales of Apple must  let the fans having not grabed iPhone 6 down in a great degree,but I believe Vphone I6 will quickly comfort your heart!Action is better than thinking,hurry to order it!

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