Thursday, March 6, 2014

Clone Galaxy S5 launch fast

no.1 s7
From one flagship phone release, the introduction of high imitation version of how long it takes ? NO.1 phone to tell you just one day is enough. NO.1 phone had clone Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s/5c, now  this company clone most fast than before. Galaxy S5 clone version NO.1 S7 has appeared on their official website, and the clone is in a high level, cloning is almost 100% , the only difference just in the hardware .

$ 288.98, which is the NO.1 S7 price . About S7 configuration, 5 inches 1080p screen , MTK MT6592 eight-core 2GHz processor , 2GB of RAM and 32GB ROM, 5MP front and 16MP back camera, 2800 mAh battery , using Android 4.2 system , waterproof ect.

This phone like most of the Galaxy S5,  that is hard to be clone in a few days. But NO.1 done it. Clone it in one day and sale in the official store. But some who seem to disagree, they said this is easy because Samsung designed entirely too simple , there is no difficulty to mimic them . And I think so, Galaxy S5 compared to Galaxy S4 just bigger size.

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  1. This phone is a really Finger scan ? samsung galaxy gear 2 ? real Cardiac frequency ? thanks you