Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MEIZU MX4——2014 MEIZU New Life

This year's MEIZU MX4 can afford the fame of high cost performance,excellent design,the new 8-core,20.7 MP ,high-capacity battery,support 4G network and many others causing it to hit a really perfect flagship,and the low price is also hit the most of the MEIZU products.So regardless of whether you are the users or not,MX4 would be a very good choice!


To the contrary of the high-profile marketing way holding by many companies,MEIZU always keep silent.It is easy to be an attitude to product-core idea and the product's attention and praise is quite high,but the marketing data is not as those factories.Of course,as Huang zhang returns back and the MX4 announce,the way will be changed——MEIZU MX4.
Low price is of a strong temptation to most people with a purchase intent,although MEIZU  may continue release many new models in the next months.But from this model MEIZU MX4,we will find it  pertty good now!
What the most important thing to many users is the better experience of the new product and  it is none of their business for you how to market,because they will judge after using  it.What's us pay most attention to  is the products,MX4 is like the ones made by "behind closed doors" before,but there are a lot of changes on pricing.Reducing the threshold will turn to be more popular and closed to people. 
The MEIZU series,or as we call the MEIZU smartphone,always win due to the exquisite appearance and the high quality workmanship.Although there is a great marketing space in MEIZU progress and the successful marketing case of Xiaomi maybe stimulate MEIZU,to many MEIZU fans, the attitude towards focusing on products is the biggest attraction.

Screen Size: 5.36 inches IPS screen (Sharp / JDI); 1920 × 1152 resolution
Processor: MediaTek MT6595 eight nuclear
Memory: 933MHz DDR3 2GB RAM 16GB ROM  32GB ROM
Camera: 2.0 megapixel front, F2.0 + Rear 20.7 million pixels, F2.2; dual ISP chip
System interface: the depth of customization Flyme 4.0
Battery capacity: 3100mAh Sony / Samsung batteries
Dimensions: 144 × 75.2 × 8.9mm
Weight: 147g

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