Monday, September 29, 2014

Top-level configuration,OnePlus smartphone!

The touch perception promotes the process of human civilization.Oneplus is the first one who bring "feel" to the cellphone industry leading the "feel wave".The screen is suspended above the fuselage causing level.what's her subtle  not only meets the aesthetic pursit of superficial visual,but from an engineering point of view,reduces the broken screen accidentally dropped the chance.

Oneplus phone reach to 45256 high score in Antutu 5.0 version,ahead of others but it's just 4G flagship quality.We aren't advocate running-leninism just the score priority!
The best camera 13MP in the world!
The moment of beauty deserves pondering.Just only 0.3 seconds,the phone will be by  autofocus itself and grasp focus accurately.whether shoting in the field gallop or under the spotlight,just press the shutter,there will be clear presentation,memory the beauty forever!

 Whitening,face-lift,eye enhancement and removing dark circles,puffiness,filming by once by 5MP front camera.More voice beauty function, just softly telling the phone"smooth point"at self-timer,the skin will be more smooth and natural.

3100nAh high capacity battery can meet every app desire for power.Oneplus is equipped with high-speed charger 5V / 2A,fast and saving more time for you.Using aligned wake,games MDP accelerate,CMD self-refresh screen,life long longer than you think!
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Black sandstone

what's feelings is only touched by the palm,only palm can know how delicate the matte texture is ,very close to nature,is an gift of original sandstone.everytime touching is a silent chating,releasing yourself without fingerprints.Don't crazy about the once eye-catching splendid moment but pursuit the ease after long-term use.

BabySkin white

Using  a 50-year process to extract the most natural pure.White back cover is full of sincerity from cashews.Three evenly brushing,making the plam smooth like baby skin no longer machine-like cold.Close to skin,leaving no sweat and enough grudge to leave it down .


Bamboo,cool to the plam,what's the size and the thickness is a unique.The cool innate characteristics can be preserved well and become the unparalleled.

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