Friday, March 28, 2014

NO.1 phone S7 several great features

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be listed in the worldwide April 11, known as exactly the same with the Samsung S5, NO.1 phone S7  also recently launched, and incorporates many new features.

Features one: IP67 waterproof

In everyday life, the phone broke, water belongs to common faults, large-screen mobile phone drop down and broken the screen still unsolve, but the problem about water. NO.1 phone S7 solve it. S7 joined waterproof features, this feature is a really worth the wait

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NO.1 phone in shareasale affiliate program

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two version of NO.1 S7

NO.1 S7

We have witnessed the rise of 8 core smart phones, which MediaTek MT6592 8-core Processor is the first one, many chinese smartphone company use the cpu to product phones. And since the Samsung GALAXY S5 launch, NO.1 phone companies had some news about NO. 1 S7, which called 1:1 Samsung S5. Today the NO.1 official website released news again, S7 will be divided into quad core MT6582 versions and 8 core MT6592 version. The is a good news for people who like this phone.

Through the NO.1 official online shop, you can see that, 8 core versiton Parameter is MTK6592 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, 5.1 inches screen, front camera 5 million, 16 million rear camera, waterproof. And the Data we can see that, S7 is 142x72.5x8.1mm, smaller than Galaxy note 3 151.2*79.1*8.3mm. More like Galaxy s4. It is profect size.

About the quad core version S7, have a few news about it before, but now, the official give the Specific parameters. 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM, MT6582 1.3G, the 16MP camera is a focal point. different versions to different user, after all, high version will expensive than this one.

And we can see that, without 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, waterproof function is what we can focus on. The phone NO.1 launch before never have this function, so NO.1 make a carefully developed this function.

Starting from NO.1 S4, as the first smartphone, NO.1 Famous cloned, and what we see in  Recent Products, they not just clone, but use better process into the product, the transition to the boutique cellphone.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Clone Galaxy S5 launch fast

no.1 s7
From one flagship phone release, the introduction of high imitation version of how long it takes ? NO.1 phone to tell you just one day is enough. NO.1 phone had clone Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s/5c, now  this company clone most fast than before. Galaxy S5 clone version NO.1 S7 has appeared on their official website, and the clone is in a high level, cloning is almost 100% , the only difference just in the hardware .