Saturday, November 30, 2013

No.1 N3 review : another Galaxy Note 3 clone.

NO.1 N3 review : it is probably the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone although it comes with no OEM logos.

On this NO.1 N3 review (this is Elite version (2GB) as regular one comes with only 1GB) we will take a closer look at a device that is probably one of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clones available out there nowadays, as it comes equipped with 2GB RAM and with above average high quality details. On the other hand, it comes with a stylus very similar to the genuine one.

There are not a lot of options when it comes to fit a MediaTek processor into one of these clones, so far the MTK6589 was released a long time ago and now it’s MTK6589T ‘s turn and this performs awesome well into this No.1 N3 combined with a 5.7 inch screen 5 point multi-touch. For us, way better than the HDC Note 3 N9000 . . .

In Plane Switching technology (IPS) comes as standard in this No.1 N3 and so does a 720p resolution screen. At the same time, two(2) conventional SIM (Dual SIM) slots will allow you to use both its GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and its WCDMA (850/900/1900/2100) connectivity.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NO.1 N3 mobile GPS navigation evaluation

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NO.1 phone N3 special features video review

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No.1 N3 Galaxy Note 3 clone now on sale for just $179.99!

NO.1 N3
NO.1 N3 Black and White

The No.1 N3 has been on sale for a few months now and now Chinese and International are finally inline with one another as the N3 goes on sale for just $179.99!

Measuring in at 5.7-inch with a quad-core MT6589T processor and 13 mega-pixel rear camera, the No.1 N3 comes with very similar specifications as found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but can be bought at a fraction of the price.

NO.1 N3 Is The World’s First To Feature 21-megapixel Camera

NO.1 N3 is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone phone, it’s not a surprise on China market, there is plenty of replica from Samsung and Apple. There is nothing impossible in China, we have gotten news from factory, the NO.1 N3 has 2 version phones, the advanced phone will has a impressive 21-megapixel camera. It’s world’s first phone to feature 21-megapixel camera.

NO.1 N3 Advanced has 5.7-inch HD screen, powered 1.5GHz MTK MT6589T quad-core processor,  along with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, 2800mAh battery. About the 21-megapixel camera, we don’t know the photo quality until get sample.

NO.1 N3 Hands-on: Maybe The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Replica Shine Wong 13 Nov 2013 NO.1 N3

NO.1 is yet another Samsung phone knock-off manufacturer, the NO.1 S6 is best replica of Samsung Galaxy S4 so far, the air gesture and smart stop feature bring lots of fun on the handset. The NO.1 factory always follow Samsung step, they have released their Note 3 knock-off 2 months ago, we have gotten the really sample and record this hands-on video today, will show you the best Note 3 copy phone.

NO.1 N3 has a 5.7-inch HD screen, 1280*720 pixel display, other specifications are include 1.5GHz MTK MT6589T quad-core processor, 1GB RAM (the advanced version will power 2GB RAM), 16GB storage, 13-megapixel rear camera, 5-megapixel front camera, and Android 4.2 OS.

Here is the hands-on video:

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Strong hair quad-core offering, NO.1 phone N3 evaluation

Recent developing faster the NO.1 phone launch the NO.1 N3 smartphone. The NO.1 N3 just 1198yuan(about $200) is so cheap. I this Internet growing time, NO.1 phone join the facebook, google+ etc. famous social networking websites. NO.1 N3 have a nice workmanship, want to be the phone best of the world, and how about this phone? Today lets show you the NO.1 N3 workmanship and the OS, after the, maybe you will like it.

NO.1 N3 use 5.7 inches large IPS HD screen, Golden ratio, ergonomic touch experience the most suitable size. Front Micron Micron 5MP camera, self Daren favorite. Video call is perfect. The overall feeling is very comfortable to use, the material feeling very upscale.

5.7 inches large screen thousand Yuan NEW NO.1 N3 appearance

Evaluation Passion for October was past.The major manufacturers have also released at the beginning of this year's flagship products, such as the Samsung GALAXY Note 3, LG 's G2 as well as domestic brands Meizu MX3 and xiaomi 3, NO.1 phone N3  etc. , Today  give you a surprise, since that is a surprise then what is it ?  Not long ago , the major media have reported the NO.1 phone a N3, claims to have the same appearance and note 3 Today, I gave you a look at the N3 in the flesh !

Do not doubt your eyes, you're not mistaken , this is the N3, never be overestimated !  N3 change in appearance is very obvious from the previous S6 cobblestone design concept into a tough exterior , the appearance looks more noble, more refined in detail to some of the front panel as well as fine ornamentation narrow frame design, the appearance of N3 lot of extra points , let the phone has been somewhat tough, the beauty of science and technology .

N3 with a 5.7 inches of OGS full fitting screens, their sophistication is good, the naked eye has been difficult to feel grainy. Smooth touch screen phone , the operation is also very sensitive , and more wear-resistant , so usually when we need not foil, then it will not affect the touch screen , it will not affect the display.

NO.1 N3 Smartphone Play Large-scale 3D Games Experience

NO.1 N3 quad-core 1.5G, 2G of memory to run the body, coupled with 32G memory of the body can be to maximize the gaming experience! Today I give you to prepare two different types of games to feel N3 running speed and big game a new experience!

We are all familiar with NBA games, but not every phone can run the game itself will take up about 2G of memory, full touch operation while on the phone's screen is very high. When you run the NBA in N3, realistic sound effects, screen fine, just like being! Quad-core processor running game can be described as icing on the cake, giving fluidity to fill the gap.

As the game is very fast, so the configuration requirements is relatively high, once the card is likely to lose the whole screen. N3 can be tested very smooth running game, and the screen display is also more delicate. Large mobile phone games and HD video playback is the best way to test mobile performance.

N3 is not only a tool for high-definition video, while convenient gaming performance is quite good, perfect running 3D big game! These have benefited from N3 has a top hardware configuration and stable operating system. The latter will continue to update N3 evaluation of all aspects of some of the video, we can focus NO.1 phone.
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